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Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. is focused on providing creative learning with a "back-to-basic" educational philosophy to all God's children, both young and old. Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. will strive to meet whatever educational, counseling and learning needs you may have and our goal is to do this in an environment that makes learning fun.  We know that we have the answer to all of your spiritual, educational and developmental needs.
  • To get an snapshot about the services and the programs we provide, visit our "Overview" page and the next 4 subsequent pages.
  • To find out about our history, visit our "About Us" page.

  • Each branch of Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. is defined and described individually in the subsequent "about" pages.  We have a wide-range capability to provide spiritual-based services; academic services for children, preteens and adolescents; academic and parenting services for adults; as well as counseling and training services for adults.  Visit the various "about" pages.   
  • Visit our "Growth and Development" page.  We want to know the areas you need information on.  We can provide information to assist you with Christian development, personal development and/or  growth and development.  Want to develop spiritually?  A special sneak preview of Lynne Marie's latest book entitled:  "Pressing Towards the Mark:  How to Develop an Intimate Relationship with God, Volume I, The Preparation" is featured on this page. The entire chapter one is available for your reading.  Take advantage of this golden opportunity!
  • Then visit Awakening Publishing Company  We want you to be informed of all that Awakening Academy is doing.  Be sure to visit the "Events and Products" page to get information on our where and when classes are being held and what products are available.  Currently the "Parenting Skills for the New Millennium:  Getting Back to Basics" book and/or the "Pressing Towards the Mark:  How to Develop an Intimate Relationship with God" series are available for purchase.  We provide Christian-based literature and other educational resources to help the entire family.
  • If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to visit our "Contact Us/" page.  There is a contact  form that we would like for you to submit to us.  We want to know that you stopped by!
Take the time to look at our pages. 
We are confident that we have services that will meet your needs...
The name, "Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc."
was taken from the scripture: Isaiah 50:4
"The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.  He "awakens" me morning by morning, He "awakens" my ear to hear as the learned".

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